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Hydrocarbon Sources and Reservoir Forming Stages in Fangliji Tectonic Belt of Dongpu Depression, China(PDF)


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Hydrocarbon Sources and Reservoir Forming Stages in Fangliji Tectonic Belt of Dongpu Depression, China
GUO Dian-bin WAN Tao LI Ji-dong YUAN Bo YUAN Li
1. SINOPEC Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute, Beijing 100083, China; 2. Exploration and Development Research Institute, Zhongyuan Oilfield Company, SINOPEC, Puyang 457001, Henan, China
oil source contrast gas source contrast fluid inclusion hydrocarbon reservoir basin modeling reservoir forming process Fangliji tectonic belt Dongpu depression
Hydrocarbon sources and reservoir forming stages in Fangliji tectonic belt of Dongpu depression, Bohai Bay Basin were studied by fine oil and gas source contrasts; combined with the characteristics of microscopic fluorescence and homogenization temperatures of fluid inclusions and buried history, the reservoir forming periods and stages were discussed, and the hydrocarbon forming process was reconstructed. The oil and gas source contrasts show that the crude oil and hydrocarbon source rocks in Sha 3 member are similar; and have characteristics of self-generating and self-preserving; the gas in Sha 3 member is main coal bed gas, and is fault migration reservoir. The fluorescence of oil inclusion is blue, and the peak of homogenization temperatures of saline inclusions is 130 ℃-140 ℃; the crude oil forming stages are late Minghuazhen period and middle Pingyuan period(1-3 Ma before nowadays). According to the thermal evolution history of coal-bearing hydrocarbon source rocks in Dongying Formation-Benxi Formation, the reservoir-forming stage of coal bed gas is Dongying period, which is earlier than that of the crude oil. The reconstruction of hydrocarbon reservoir forming process shows that the coal bed gas transforms by fault, and the gas reservoirs form in Sha 2 member and the early Sha 3 member; the rude oil formed by the hydrocarbon source rocks in Sha 3 member fills into Sha 3 member gas reservoir in late Minghuazhen and middle Pingyuan periods. Fangliji tectonic belt has the characteristics of “double sources and two stages”.




Last Update: 2017-07-28