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Relevance of Seismicity and Geothermics: A New Thought to Alleviate Disasters from Earthquake Prediction to Taking Energy(PDF)


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Relevance of Seismicity and Geothermics: A New Thought to Alleviate Disasters from Earthquake Prediction to Taking Energy
LI De-wei
Institute of Geological Survey, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan 430074, Hubei, China
seismicity geothermics relvance mechanism prediction ultra-long heating pipe excavation and pipeline connected geothermal power generation disaster and emission reduction
Geothermal energy determines the earth’s stratified rheology characteristics, the relevance between ocean-continent and basin-mountain, the mineralization, and the natural disaster chain, which will inevitably lead to revolutions in geoscience, energy, and disaster reduction fields. To achieve this ambitious goal, two important tasks should be carried out. One is scientific prediction of earthquakes and related disasters under the guidance of earth system dynamics and thermal fluid impact seismogenic model. Another one is cascade comprehensive exploitation of geothermal energy under the system kinetics and dynamic heat source inside the earth system instruction. It is remarkable that the hot dry rock geothermal energy is low cost and sustainable in large-scale power generation, which can solve the energy problem and the disaster and environmental problems fundamentally. The relevance mechanism between seismicity and geothermics was discussed. It is considered that there are no plates on earth but the ocean-land and basin-mountain as basic units formed by laminar flow of crust and mantle solid rheological materials. Besides, inhomogeneous laminar flow might generate earthquakes and also develop faults. Under the guidance of the idea that thermal dynamic power drives non-uniform laminar flow of earth material, the ideas and methods of earthquake prediction and geothermal development were clarified. It is clearly pointed out that using ultra-long superconducting gravity heat pipe, U shaped drilling and U shaped excavation along the underlying active ductile shear zone to efficiently collect heat, not only can solve the heating and power problems, but also help alleviating disasters and reducing the emission.




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