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Characteristics of Fluid Inclusions and Hydrocarbon Charging Periods of Lower Yanchang Formation in Central Ordos Basin, China(PDF)


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Characteristics of Fluid Inclusions and Hydrocarbon Charging Periods of Lower Yanchang Formation in Central Ordos Basin, China
WANG Wei WANG Guan-min* HU Jin ZHANG Jie WANG Zhao SHI Xiao-ming
(School of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum, Qingdao 266580, Shandong, China)
hydrocarbon charging period fluid inclusion pore bitumen tight reservoir diagenetic evolution Yanchang Formation Ordos Basin
P618.13; TE122
Based on the analysis of reservoir diagenesis, fluid inclusion petrography and pore bitumen characteristics, and on the basis of the division of hydrocarbon inclusion phases, combined with the homogenization temperature characteristics of fluid inclusions, thermal evolution history of source rocks, stratigraphic burial history and diagenesis history of reservoir, the hydrocarbon charging periods of lower Yanchang Formation in central Ordos Basin were determined. The results show that the minerals of tight reservoirs mainly experience compaction, cementation, metasomatism, dissolution processes in Chang-8 and Chang-9 members of Yanchang Formation in central Ordos Basin; the diagenetic authigenic minerals are dominated by chlorite, quartz cement, feldspar cement and calcite cement. Three different phases of hydrocarbon inclusions were identified according to the formation time series of the host diagenetic minerals. The first phase hydrocarbon inclusions are dispersedly distributed in quartz healing seam, quartz secondary enlarged edge and quartz cement filling the pore, a few low maturity yellow fluorescent hydrocarbon inclusions and black fluorescent bitumen inclusions represent a small amount of hydrocarbon charging when source rocks enter the hydrocarbon generation threshold, while most blue and blue-white fluorescent hydrocarbon inclusions with higher maturity represent a large amount of hydrocarbon charging during the peak period of oil generation; the second phase hydrocarbon inclusions are distributed in feldspar cements with a relatively small number, showing blue and blue-white fluorescence, and are distributed around the dissolution pore and cleavage, showing short columnar shape and flat boundary; the third phase hydrocarbon inclusions are distributed in calcite cements, which are isolated(or sporadic)and nearly hexagonal in shape; the latter two phases of hydrocarbon inclusions are formed by hydrocarbons captured in the pore after hydrocarbon charging. Chang-8 and Chang-9 members of Yanchang Formation experience a period of continuous hydrocarbon charging from the end of Late Jurassic to the end of Early Cretaceous in central Ordos Basin.


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