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Si Contents and Their Geological Significance of Yukahe Ultrahigh-pressure Metamorphic(UHPM)Rutile in the Northern Qaidam Basin, NW China(PDF)


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Si Contents and Their Geological Significance of Yukahe Ultrahigh-pressure Metamorphic(UHPM)Rutile in the Northern Qaidam Basin, NW China
SUN Hui12 CHEN Dan-ling12* REN Yun-fei12 WANG Hai-jie12
(1. State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics, Northwest University, Xi'an 710069, Shaanxi, China; 2. Department of Geology, Northwest University, Xi'an 710069, Shaanxi, China)
Key words:rutile eclogite garnet amphibole albitite ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism in-situ LA-ICP-MS analysis trace element the northern Qaidam Basin
An integrated study of mineralogy and in-situ LA-ICP-MS trace element analysis was conducted on rutiles from Yukahe ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic(UHPM)phengite eclogite and garnet amphibole albitite in the northern Qaidam Basin, NW China. The results show that rutiles from these two UHPM rocks have high Si contents, and during the metamorphic evolution of phengite eclogite, Si contents of rutile grains grown in different metamorphic stages as well as the core and rim parts of a single rutile grain change regularly with metamorphic pressure. The Si contents in prograde rutiles, which occur as inclusions in garnet, omphacite and phengite core, increase gradually from core((342-360)×10-6)to rim; the Si contents in peak rutiles, which coexist with garnet, omphacite and phengite in matrix or occur as inclusions in garnet mantle and rim, have the highest Si contents with an average value of 952×10-6 and a maximum value of 2 397×10-6; the Si contents in retrograde rutiles, which coexist symplectite with amphibole+plagioclase formed by omphacite decomposition or occur in phengite+quartz veins of eclogite, decrease gradually from core towards rim(the average Si content of symplectite is 726×10-6, and that of microveins is 674×10-6). Rutiles in garnet amphibole albitite mainly occur as inclusions in phengite, garnet, amphibole and albite, and the rutiles in different occurrences have obviously higher Si contents(1 808×10-6 on average)than those from phengite eclogite(762×10-6 on average). In which, the rutiles included in phengite have Si contents of(1 018-2 741)×10-6 with an average value of 1 924×10-6, whereas the rutiles hosted by albite have variable Si contents of(685-3 910)×10-6 with an average value of 1 761×10-6. Combined with the occurrences, metamorphic evolutions and whole rock compositons of phengite eclogite and garnet amphibole albitite as well as the previous results on Si-bearing rutiles of ultrahigh-pressure eclogites in Dabie-Sulu orogenic belt, it is proposed that Si contents of rutiles from UHPM rocks are positively correlated with metamorphic pressure, and the rutiles with high-Si content(>500×10-6)may be a fingerprint for eclogite experiencing ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism; the whole rock SiO2 and TiO2 contents affect the Si contents of rutiles under the same ultrahigh metamorphic pressure, and the Si contents of rutiles increase as whole SiO2 rises and TiO2 decreases.


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