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LA-(MC-)ICP-MS U-Pb Dating Technique of Calcite and Its Application in Brittle Structures(PDF)


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LA-(MC-)ICP-MS U-Pb Dating Technique of Calcite and Its Application in Brittle Structures
ZHAO Zi-xian12 SHI Wei12*
(1. Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing 100081, China; 2. Key Laboratory ofNeotectonic Movement and Geohazard, Ministry of Natural Resources, Beijing 100081, China)
brittle structure structural deformation calcite U-Pb dating LA-(MC-)ICP-MS isotope chronology common lead reference material
Brittle structures are formed in the shallow crust and record the deformation process of shallow crust structures. How to precisely define the age of shallow crustal deformation is one of the hotspots and difficulties in structural geology research. Brittle structural deformation occurs in a lower temperature and pressure environment, which results in a faster rock strain rate and a relatively weaker metamorphism and metasomatism. As a result, it is difficult to form syntectonic new minerals similar to the measurable age of ductile deformation, which makes precise dating of brittle structures become a difficult problem in the field of earth science. In recent years, the calcite U-Pb dating technology has made important progress, and the calcite U-Pb dating from brittle structural deformation can accurately date the age of structural deformation. The research progress of the calcite LA-(MC-)ICP-MS U-Pb dating technique in recent years was summarized, the characteristics of the syntectonic calcite vein, the theoretical basis of U-Pb isotope dating of calcite, the LA-(MC-)ICP-MS U-Pb dating technique of calcite and its examples of application were systematically introduced. Furthermore, pointing out the key problems and technical difficulties of this method at present depends on the geological significance of calcite U-Pb age and the success rate of age determination. Identifying syntectonic calcite veins in the field, dividing different stages of calcite and determining primary and secondary domains, can accurately reveal the geological significance of its age; besides, the accuracy of dating results can be improved by delineating the optimal target area to be measured, choosing reasonable common lead correction method and searching for ideal calcite reference materials.


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