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Characteristics of Crude Oil Migration and Accumulation in the Northeastern Baiyun Sag of Pearl River Mouth Basin, China(PDF)


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Characteristics of Crude Oil Migration and Accumulation in the Northeastern Baiyun Sag of Pearl River Mouth Basin, China
WANG Fang-fang123 ZENG Jian-hui12* ZHANG Zhong-tao4 SHI Ning4 ZHANG Gong-cheng5 YU Yi-xin12 YANG Hai-zhang5 XU Hui4 ZHAO Qing4WANG Chen12 ZHANG Jing12 LIU Xiao-feng12
(1. State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting, China University of Petroleum,Beijing 102249, China; 2. College of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum, Beijing 102249, China; 3. Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing 102201, China; 4. Shenzhen Branch of CNOOC China Ltd., Shenzhen 518067,Guangdong, China; 5. CNOOC Research Institute, Beijing 100028, China)
fault follow-source forward-source Zhujiang Formation structure ridge migration pathway differential accumulation of hydrocarbon Pearl River Mouth Basin
Baiyun sag of Pearl River Mouth Basin is the biggest hydrocarbon-rich sag in the deep water area of the northern South China Sea. In recent years, a series of commercial light hydrocarbon reservoirs are discovered in the northeastern Baiyun Sag, showing good exploration prospects, but there is no deep understanding on migration and accumulation patterns of crude oil. The 3D seismic interpretation, geochemical analysis and hydrocarbon accumulation research were deployed to comprehensively evaluate the distribution of hydrocarbon reserviors, the migration pathway system, the migration and accumulation characteristics of crude oil in the northeastern Baiyun sag, so the accumulation pattern was established. The results show that the main passages of the vertical migration of crude oil are oil-source faults, among which the migration ability of follow-source and forward-source faults is favorable, meanwhile, it is noteworthy that the sandbodies with good physical properties in Lower Zhujiang Formation can constitute the structure ridges 1 and 2, and these two ridges provide dominant migration pathways for crude oil; crude oil mainly accumulates in semi-anticlinal traps controlled by reverse faults, and the hydrocarbon has the characteristics of differential accumulation, which are oil in the inner and gas in the outer; migrated through oil-source faults and structure ridges, accumulated under the control of faults and cap rock, as well as the differential accumulation of hydrocarbon, are the three accumulation characteristics of crude oil. The northeastern Baiyun sag shows good exploration direction for finding petroleum along the structure ridges, as well as based on the recognition of faults, that is of certain guiding significance for hydrocarbon exploration of deep water area in Baiyun sag and adjacent areas.


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