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Pseudo-dynamic Seismic Slope Stability Analysis Method Considering Wave Propagation Effects(PDF)


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Pseudo-dynamic Seismic Slope Stability Analysis Method Considering Wave Propagation Effects
DENG Ya-hong1 XU Zhao1 SUN Ke12 YAN Zuo-fei1
(1. School of Geology Engineering and Geomatics, Chang'an University, Xi'an 710054, Shaanxi, China; 2. Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Bureau, China National Administration of Coal Geology, Xi'an 710199, Shaanxi, China)
slope stability wave propagation effect pseudo-dynamic method pseudo-static method seismic coefficient limit equilibrium Felenius method safety factor
Considering the propagation characteristics of seismic waves in slopes, based on the pseudo-dynamic method and the traditional limit equilibrium method(Felenius method)for static slope stability analysis, the formulas for calculating the seismic force of slopes and the safety factor of seismic slope stability were derived. On this basis, a program for the sliding surface searching and safety factor calculation, which realizes a pseudo-dynamic seismic slope stability analysis method considering wave effect, was developed by MATLAB software. By discussing the influence of earthquake motion characteristics on seismic slope stability, the variation law of safety factor of seismic slope stability with earthquake motion parameters was obtained. For a given slope, its safety factor fluctuates periodically with the initial phase of seismic wave, and there exists a minimum safety factor, which decreases with the increase of seismic coefficient and the ratio of seismic wave length to slope height. In addition, the differences and relationships between pseudo-dynamic method and pseudo-static method were revealed from the perspective of wave theory, which gives the applicable scope of the two methods. When the ratio of seismic wave length to slope height is greater than 10, the results obtained by the two methods are basically same and applicable; while the ratio of seismic wave length to slope height is less than 10, the results obtained by the pseudo-static method are relatively conservative compared with the pseudo-dynamic method, thus only the pseudo-dynamic method is applicable.


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