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Characteristics of C-O-Sr Isotope Composition of Permian and Their Sedimentary Evolution in Zhenba Area of the Northeastern Sichuan Basin, China(PDF)


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Characteristics of C-O-Sr Isotope Composition of Permian and Their Sedimentary Evolution in Zhenba Area of the Northeastern Sichuan Basin, China
YAO Sheng-yang12 MOU Chuan-long2* ZHOU Gang3 WANG Qi-yu12 WANG Xiu-ping2
1. College of Earth Science and Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao 266590, Shandong, China; 2. Chengdu Center, China Geological Survey, Chengdu 610081, Sichuan, China; 3. Exploration and Development Research Institute, Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company, PetroChina, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan, China
C-O-Sr isotope carbonate rock isotope analysis Permian paleosea level lithology characteristic sedimentary evolution Sichuan Basin
In order to understand the change of sea level and sedimentary evolution characteristics of Permian carbonate rocks in Zhenba area of the northeastern Sichuan Basin, the Yangjiawan section in Zhenba county of Shaanxi province was selected. Based on the field characteristics of rock formations and indoor petrology characteristics, and combined with the changes of paleosea level, paleosalinity and paleotemperature reflected by C-O-Sr isotopic composition, the sedimentary evolution characteristics of Permian in Zhenba area of the northeastern Sichuan Basin were comprehensively analyzed. The analysis results of C-O-Sr isotopes show that δ13C is -1.67‰-5.85‰ with an average of 2.76‰; δ18O is -7.26‰--3.44‰ with an average of -6.24‰; the ratio of 87Sr/86Sr is 0.707 147-0.708 133. The changes of paleosea level, paleotemperature(12.0 ℃-25.2 ℃ with an average of about 21.0 ℃), and paleosalinity(salinity indicator is 120.88-135.90 with an average of 129.84)reflected by C-O-Sr isotope compostions, indicate that Zhenba area is warm-hot high-salinity with good water circulation, and the global sea level eustatic events have a good control on the composition of carbonate isotopes; the sea level changes in Zhenba area are basically consistent with global sea level changes, that is, entering a relatively stable and slow decline stage after rapid transgression in early Qixia period, experiencing large-scale transgression in the early Maokou period and sea level decline significantly in the late Maokou period, experiencing large-scale transgression in the early Wujiaping period and regression in the middle Wujiaping period, and experiencing sea level rise in early Changxing period. Based on the comprehensive analysis of sedimentary characteristics, the sedimentary evolution process is open platform→platform edge→shelf→gentle slope in Zhenba area of the northeastern Sichuan Basin.


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