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Origin of the Latent Palaeohigh in Hongsibu Basin of Ningxia, China and Its Effect on the Regional Desertification(PDF)


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Origin of the Latent Palaeohigh in Hongsibu Basin of Ningxia, China and Its Effect on the Regional Desertification
DONG Xiao-peng12 LI Zhen-hong12 HUANG Ting12 JIANG Bo-yu3 CUI Jia-wei12
1. Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing 100081, China; 2. Key Laboratory of Paleomagnetism and Tectonic Reconstruction of Ministry of Natural Resources, Beijing 100081, China; 3. Xi’an Branch of China Petroleum Materials Company Limited, Xi’an 710018, Shaanxi, China
latent paleohigh coupling system between basin and range desertification Yantong-shan fault residual gravity anomaly AMT 2D seismic prospecting Ningxia
Arc-shaped tectonic belt in the northeastern margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau consists of Haiyuan fault, Xiangshan-Tianjingshan fault, Yantongshan fault, Niushoushan-L uoshan fault and intermontane basins between these faults. Former’s researches about the active tectonic in the northeastern margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau mainly focus on the active activities of fault zones while the tectonic framework and activities in the intermontane basins are rarely known. Gravity anomalies interpretation, AMT and seismic prospecting in Hongsibu Basin of Ningxia between Yantongshan fault and Niushoushan-Luoshan fault were carried out, and the structural characteristics of the latent palaeohigh in this basin were revealed. Moreover, the origin of the latent palaeohigh and controlling factors of the desertification in Hongsibu Basin were discussed based on the theory of the coupling system between basin and range. The results show that the intense northeastward pushing, extension and uplift in the northeastern margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau occur at the end of Miocene; as a result, Hongsibu Basin is transformed from depression basin to flex basin; besides that, Paleozoic-Mesozoic basement thrust above Eogene-Neogene sedimentary stratum, and the latest strata which involve in the tectonic deformation is Miocene Zhang’enbao Formation; NW-SE trending latent paleohigh in Hongsibu Basin has the same tectonic background with Yantongshan tectonic zone; under the effect of the northeastern extention of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the latent paleohigh develops at the end of Miocene and is still active until now; the active movements of faults around the latent paleohigh destroy the stability, water storage capacity and surface vegetation, and the regional desertification around the latent paleohigh distributes in bands with NW-SE trending.The research is of great significance to the evaluation of the regional stability and comprehensive treatment of the desertification in Hongsibu Basin of Ningxia.


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