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 ZHONG Jian-hua,WANG Yong-zhuo,NI Liang-tian,et al.Sand Dike(Sand Injection) Type of Reservoir and Oil-pool—A Case Study of Sapu Interlayer in the Western of Changyuan Area, Songliao Basin, China[J].Journal of Earth Sciences and Environment,2020,42(03):285-296.[doi:10.19814/j.jese.2019.12003]





Sand Dike(Sand Injection) Type of Reservoir and Oil-pool—A Case Study of Sapu Interlayer in the Western of Changyuan Area, Songliao Basin, China
(1. 中国矿业大学(北京)煤炭资源与安全开采国家重点实验室,北京 100083; 2. 中国石油大学(华东)地球科学与技术学院,山东 青岛 266580; 3. 中国石油大庆油田有限责任公司勘探开发研究院,黑龙江 大庆 163712; 4. 中国石油大庆油田有限责任公司勘探事业部,黑龙江 大庆 163453; 5. 东北石油大学 地球科学学院,黑龙江 大庆 163318)
ZHONG Jian-hua12 WANG Yong-zhuo3 NI Liang-tian2 GAO Chun-wen4 ZHOU Yong-bing3 MAO Cui5 FAN Xiao-dong3 LIU Guo-zhi3 CHEN Zhi-peng3 SONG Guan-xian2 WANG Rui3 HUANG Liang3 LIU Qiang3 FAN Yu-jiao2 REN Kai-xuan2
(1. State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing 100083, China; 2. School of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum, Qingdao 266580, Shandong, China; 3. Exploration and Development Research Institute of Daqing Oilfield Company, PetroChina, Daqing 163712, Heilongjiang, China; 4. Exploration Department of Daqing Oilfield Company, PetroChina, Daqing 163453, Heilongjiang, China; 5. School of Earth Sciences, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing 163318, Heilongjiang, China)
砂脉 砂注入体 断层 地震反射 油藏 西斜坡 萨葡夹层 松辽盆地
sand dike sand injection fault seismic reflection oil-pool west slope Sapu interlayer Songliao Basin
松辽盆地西部萨葡夹层是一套夹持于萨尔图和葡萄花油层,且以泥岩为主的地层,最近在该地区成功获得了多口高产井。通过对岩芯、测井及其地震资料的精细解析发现,萨葡夹层的泥岩中发育了大量的砂脉(砂注入体)和断层,油藏与这套砂注入体和断层密切相关,形成了一种新的砂脉型储层或油藏。其具有如下特点:①没有稳定的层位,侧向连续性极差,很难对比; ②没有确定的形态,不定形团块状居多; ③砂脉的顶、底面或侧缘与围岩呈侵入接触关系; ④砂脉中多含有漂浮状的撕裂泥砾; ⑤在地震剖面上两侧或一侧必有断层; ⑥剖面上地震反射轴紊乱,中断、膨大、弯折等现象常见,平面上为次圆形或星点状不均一的高阻抗团块; ⑦液化流动具有很好的分异作用,可以使砂注入体成为良好的储层; ⑧砂脉型油藏一般具有自己独立的油水和压力系统,在区域上没有统一的油水界面。
Sapu interlayer in the western of Songliao Basin, is a set of mudstone stratum that locates at the bottom of Sa'ertu oil layer and the top of Putaohua oil layer; a number of high yield wells recently are successfully obtained. The numerous sand dikes(sand injections)and faults develop in Sapu interlayer by fine analysis of core, well logging and seismic data. The oil-pool is closely related to this set of sand injections and faults, and sand dike type of reservoir or oil-pool forms. The sand dike type of reservoir and oil-pool has the following characteristics: ① there is no stable horizon, lateral continuity is very poor, and it is difficult to compare in the horizontal direction; ② there is no definite shape, and the majority is amorphous mass; ③ there is an intrusive contact relationship between the top and bottom or side edge of sand dikes and surrounding rocks; ④ the sand dikes mostly contain floating tearing mud and gravel; ⑤ there are faults on both sides or one side of the seismic profile; ⑥ the seismic reflection axis is disordered, the interruption, expanding, bending and other phenomena are common, and the plane slices are of sub-circular or star-shaped heterogeneous high impedance clusters; ⑦ liquefaction flow has a good differentiation effect, which can make sand injection a good reservoir; ⑧ sand dike type of oil-pool generally has own independent oil-water and pressure systems, and there is no uniform oil-water interface in the region.


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