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Metallogenic Conditions, Characteristics and Genesis of Sandstone-type Uranium Deposit of the Lower Member of Yimin Formation in Kelulun Sag of Inner Mongolia, China(PDF)


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Metallogenic Conditions, Characteristics and Genesis of Sandstone-type Uranium Deposit of the Lower Member of Yimin Formation in Kelulun Sag of Inner Mongolia, China
HUANG Shao-hua12 QIN Ming-kuan12* ZHOU Wen-bo3 LIU Zhang-yue12 LIU Tong3 ZHAO Zhi-wei3 DONG Yan12
(1. Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, Beijing 100029, China; 2. CNNC Key Laboratory of Uranium Resources Exploration and Evaluation Technology, Beijing 100029, China; 3. No.243 Geological Party, CNNC, Chifeng 024000, Inner Mongolia, China)
sandstone-type uranium deposit Yimin Formation ore-controlling condition mineralization characteristic metallogenic age paleophreatic oxidation metallogenic model Inner Mongolia
In order to investigate the metallogenic genesis and potential of sandstone-type uranium deposit of the lower member of Yimin Formation in Kelulun sag of Inner Mongolia, the key ore-controlling conditions, such as inner and external uranium sources, tectonic setting, characteristics of lithology-lithofacies, epigenetic oxidation, and characteristics of uranium mineralization, were summarized. Moreover, the ages of uranium mineralization and target strata were determined, which can be used to build a reasonable sandstone-type uranium metallogenic model. The results show that the main exploration target in Kelulun sag is the lower member of Yimin Formation; meanwhile, the uranium contents of Jurassic intermediate-acid volcanic rocks, Hercynian granitoids, Lower Cretaceous Yimin Formation and groundwater are relatively high, indicating that inner and external uranium sources are abundant in the area; the target strata mainly develop fan delta-shore shallow lake sedimentary system during the fault-depression transition period, and are characterized by(underwater)distributary channel grey sand bodies; the lithology is mainly composed of gravel-bearing coarse sandstone and glutenite with loose structure and well permeability; the primary sandstone has a high reduction capacity owing to abundant charcoal and plant stems, which is a good ore-bearing construction; the sand bodies generally develop strong brownish yellow planar paleophreatic epigenetic oxidation with paleophreatic-interlayer oxidation locally, which significantly control the formation and shape of the orebodies; correspondingly, the discovered orebodies with a burial depth of less than 150 m and a uranium content of 0.46-1.00 kg·m-2, mainly have lenticular and stratoid shapes; furthermore, the isochron metallogenic ages of(67.1+5.9)Ma and(63.7+5.2)Ma are obtained by whole-rock U-Pb isotope dating with different grades of uranium-mineralized sandstones; finally, a four-stage paleophreatic-interlayer oxidation uranium metallogenic model is established based on tectonic evolution history, including preparatory stage of uranium-rich formation in early Early Cretaceous, development stage of ore-bearing target strata in middle-late Early Cretaceous, main metallogenic stage in Paleogene, and metallogenic cessation and preservation stage in Neogene. In general, there is a favorable potential for the formation of paleophreatic-interlayer oxidation zone type of sandstone uranium deposit in the deep part(<500 m)of the study area.


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