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[1]罗 肖,程谦恭*,王玉峰,等.粒径对岩崩-碎屑流滑震特征的影响[J].地球科学与环境学报,2023,45(01):118-130.[doi:10.19814/j.jese.2022.10002]
 LUO Xiao,CHENG Qian-gong*,WANG Yu-feng,et al.Landquakes Generated by Debris Falls with Different Particle Sizes[J].Journal of Earth Sciences and Environment,2023,45(01):118-130.[doi:10.19814/j.jese.2022.10002]





Landquakes Generated by Debris Falls with Different Particle Sizes
罗 肖1程谦恭12*王玉峰12李天话1
(1. 西南交通大学 地质工程系,四川 成都 611756; 2. 西南交通大学 高速铁路运营安全空间信息技术国家地方联合工程实验室,四川 成都 611756)
LUO Xiao1 CHENG Qian-gong12* WANG Yu-feng12 LI Tian-hua1
(1. Department of Geological Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 611756, Sichuan, China; 2. State-province Joint Engineering Laboratory of Spatial Information Technology for High-speed Railway Safety, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 611756, Sichuan, China)
地质灾害 岩崩-碎屑流 颗粒流 物理模型实验 滑震 环境地震学 地震动信号 参数反演
geological hazard debris fall granular flow physical model experiment landquake environmental seismology seismic signal parameter inversion
P694; P642.21
岩崩-碎屑流是一种发生在高山峡谷地区,具有高位性、隐蔽性、事件突发性和灾害巨大危害性等特征的地质灾害,滑震信号监测可实现对地质灾害体运动信息的实时捕获,为灾害预警及灾后评估提供重要信息。以颗粒集合体崩落运动过程为研究对象,设计并开展了物理模型实验,分析了颗粒粒径对滑震信号特征的影响,探讨了岩崩-碎屑流撞击过程产生的滑震信号特征及其现实意义。结果表明:①颗粒集合体总质量一定时,滑震信号最大振幅值为17.33g~39.21g,且随着颗粒粒径的增大而增大; ②颗粒集合体总质量一定时,滑震信号包络线平均值、阿里亚斯强度随着颗粒粒径的增大而增大; ③粒径为2~4 mm的颗粒集合体产生的滑震信号平均频率为16.95~23.02 kHz,且在总质量一定时,滑震信号的平均频率随着颗粒粒径的增大而减小。本文研究成果以期进一步加深对滑震信号影响因素的认识,并为灾害潜在区域监测预警系统建立、重大地质灾害灾后快速评估、应急响应措施制定等提供理论依据。
Debris fall, which is a kind of geological disaster with high position and concealment characteristics, often develops in mountainous areas and occurs suddenly. It poses a great threat to the safety of downstream constructions and persons. Compared with traditional monitoring methods, the seismic signals generated by geophysical flows have certain advantages, which can provide continuous real-time monitoring of geological disasters that occurred hundreds of kilometers away and even far, and provide important information for disaster early warning and post-disaster assessment. Taking the fall processes of granular flows as research objects, a series of physical model experiments of granular flows was designed and conducted here with the kinematic process and seismic signals of granular flows being recorded; the characteristics of the seismic signals under the influence of particle size were detailed analyzed. The results show that ① at a constant granular flow volume, the maximum amplitude of the seismic signal is between 17.33g and 39.21g, which increases with the increase of particle size; ② at a constant granular flow volume, the average value of seismic envelope and Arias intensity increase with the increase of particle size; ③ the frequency of seismic signal obtained on laboratory scale experiment with particle diameter from 2 to 4 mm is between 16.95 and 23.02 kHz; at a constant granular flow volume, the average frequency decreases with the increase of particle size. The above results can provide a theoretical basis for a deeper understanding of the influencing factors on landquakes, establishment of disaster potential regional monitoring and early warning system, rapid post-disaster assessment of major geological disasters, and development of emergency response measures.


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