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Ministry of Education of PRC
Chang’an University
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Editorial Department of Journal of Earth Sciences and Environment
Chang’an University, Southern Middle Section of the Second Circular Road,Xi’an 710064,China
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Journal of Earth Sciences and Environment (JESE) is a bimonthly international journal that publishes in Chinese high quality original research articles and timely reviews in interdisciplinary fields of earth and environment sciences. JESE aims to bridge innovative, provocative and challenging concepts and models related to various fields of research including petrology and geochemistry in understanding lithospheric architecture and mantle dynamics, global tectonics, economic geology and fuel exploration, geophysics, stratigraphy, paleontology, hydrogeology, applied geophysics, environment geosciences and engineering geology with new insights on correlations and evolution.
[LEI Kang-xin1,2,3, XUE Guo-qiang1,2,3,4*, CHEN Wei-ying1,2,3, ZHOU Nan-nan1,2,3]
2020 06 [Abstract](176)[PDF:2621KB] (176)
[GUO Jian-lei1,2, JIANG Tao1, GUO Heng1, NING Hui1, LIU Hang1]
2020 06 [Abstract](606)[PDF:10418KB] (606)
[SHANG Tian-xin1, ZHANG Ji-feng1*, FENG Bing1, LIU Chang-sheng2]
2020 06 [Abstract](190)[PDF:5095KB] (190)
[FAN Tao1,2, LI Hong-tai3, GUO Jian-lei1,2, LI Bo-fan1, ZHAO Rui1, WANG Bing-chun1, YAO Wei-hua1, LI Yu-teng1, LIU Lei1]
2020 06 [Abstract](188)[PDF:3443KB] (188)
[YE Yi-xin1, DU Jia-ming1, XUE Hai-jun2, AI Zheng-min1, JIANG Fen-yong1, HUANG Yuan-sheng1]
2020 06 [Abstract](280)[PDF:6123KB] (280)
[WANG Zhen-rong1, CHENG Jiu-long2*, SONG Li-bing1, TENG Fei3, LI Guo1, YANG Mao-lin1, CHEN Yong-liang1]
2020 06 [Abstract](225)[PDF:7772KB] (225)
[WANG Rui-feng1,2, WEN Lai-fu3,4, CHENG Jiu-long3*, CHEN Zhi3, JIAO Jun-jun3, SHEN Guo-qiang2]
2020 06 [Abstract](163)[PDF:3593KB] (163)
[WANG Bei-zhan1, WANG Rui-ting2,3*, WANG Hong-yu1, ZHANG Ge-li4, LI Qing-feng2]
2020 06 [Abstract](479)[PDF:9926KB] (479)
[ZHANG Chao1,2, WANG Lu-yuan1, GENG Rui3, LIU Zheng-hong2,4, ZHANG Le-tong5]
2020 06 [Abstract](340)[PDF:8168KB] (340)
[XIA Yan1,2, ZHANG Shu-qi3, GAO Wen-bing1,2, ZHANG Hong-bo3,4*, GUO Lu1,2]
2020 06 [Abstract](226)[PDF:5996KB] (226)